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Infographic: The 25 Most Popular Freelancer Tools

Freelancers are a huge part of the workforce, with 42 million in the U.S. alone. And as one-man (or more commonly, woman) operations, they typically have to manage everything from accounting to sales to operations. So we’ve been extra-curious: What are the most popular apps used by freelancers? Below is an infographic showing the top 25 based on data from nearly 100 freelancers on BestVendor. We also included some newer apps that seem to be trending among freelancers, such as Harvest, Expensify, and Remember the Milk. One observation: Freelancers are all about the cloud. Not one piece of desktop software made the top 25, with the possible exception of QuickBooks, which has both a web and desktop version. This differs from, say, top tools among designers, who still rely on desktop software for their core creative work. Another observation is that freelancers are highly resourceful in finding new tools with great value. So keep an eye on those trending apps: If freelancers like them, other professionals are likely to follow.

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Survey Results: Best Software for Freelancers

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