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7 Business Apps That Look Amazing on the New iPad

According to a ChangeWave survey of new iPad users, the No. 1 most loved new feature on the iPad is the high-resolution retina display. We can see why — literally. The sharper display is not just pleasing to the eye, but a boon to a lot of business apps, from handwriting recognition to video conferencing. Here’s a round-up of seven favorite iPad apps that look particularly good.

Daedalus Touch

  • Calling this a text editor really undersells its capabilities. Daedalus Touch is that, but it’s also the ultimate minimalist word processor, with a gesture-based interface that keeps screen clutter to a bare minimum. The latest update adds support for Retina’s razor-sharp text.
Daedalus iPad app text editor


  • Many BestVendor users are big fans of note manager Evernote. Version 4.1.9 for iPad makes a good thing even better by making notes, note thumbnails, and the entire interface easier to read.
evernote ipad app screenshot

Fuze Meeting HD

  • This videoconferencing app was already pretty impressive, allowing multiple parties to chat via the iPad’s camera. Now, when paired with a new iPad, Fuze Meeting can shoot video in 1080p and leverage 4G LTE. In theory, that means you’ll look like a million bucks regardless of where you join the video call — conference room, airport lounge, or vacation home.
fuze Meeting HD iPad app


  • iPads make great PDF/document viewers, and GoodReader is widely regarded as one of the best viewing apps. Now it’s even better because it supports Retina, meaning your documents will look at least as good as they do in real life. You know, on paper.
goodreader ipad screenshot


  • If you’ve longed to leave your laptop behind but still need a way to pipe presentations to a projector or TV, Keynote is the answer. Apple’s slide-deck app lets you create presentations on the run or import them from PowerPoint. It probably goes without saying that the latest update looks positively breathtaking on the new iPad.


  • No iPad is complete with a good sketchpad app. Skitch is sort of Visio-like in that it lets you add shapes, arrows, and text to your drawings–or to existing photos. And now that it supports Retina, everything you, er, skitch looks sharper than ever.


  • Writing notes by hand (or finger) never worked too well on previous iPads; the low screen resolution made everything look jaggy and angular. Now, however, you’ve got a truly viable replacement for your physical notepad. And WritePad goes a step further by transcribing your handwritten notes into actual text.


Which other work apps look great in the new iPad? Let us know in the comments.

  • Dimitri

    All these apps are great!

  • Chloé

    Good selection of business app!

    I often use my iPad at work especially for meetings. I used as note taking application EverNote and then Awesome Note for a long time and their ability to sync but both had a disadvantage ; the lack of features to accommodate tasks, to-do and make monitoring.

    So I was seeking an alternative application to save time for my meeting. I have almost tested all the apps on Notes/ ToDo on the Appstore and I must admit I am still surprised they do not fit with a pro use. I have discovered Beesy, an note taking and management app ToDo which apparently include taking notes with a business way. I have tried for a month and until now i’m really satisfied by Beesy. It’s really efficient and maybe the only disadavantage is you need a bit time to use it efficiently.
    I love shortcuts of Beesy’s icons in order to use it quicky and easily add notes. Also, the advantage is to submit easily by email minutes about my different meeting.
    If you are interested you can google “Beesy” of go to the application’s website