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Dropbox fans: Get Double the Free Storage

Bono Dropbox tweetYou know an app is hot when Bono invests in it, as a tweet from Dropbox announced earlier this week. Turns out Bono is almost as avid a startup investor as Ashton.

But for users, there’s even better news from Dropbox, currently the top-ranked storage service on BestVendor. And no, I don’t mean the Android loophole. Starting immediately, Dropbox is doubling the free space you get when you refer a friend.

In other words, when a friend or co-worker signs up using your referral link (like this one), you get an extra 500MB of storage… and so does your compatriot. And that’s for folks with freebie accounts. If you’re a Dropbox Pro user, each referral nets you an extra 1GB.

There’s a cap of 32 referrals, meaning Dropbox Free users can get a grand total of 16GB in bonus storage, while Pro users can get 32GB. That’s not insignificant: a Free account starts with just 2GB, so you’re literally looking at nine times more space. That vastly expands what you can do with your Dropbox account — all for bringing a couple dozen friends on board.

And what’s the best way to do that? Two ways. You could use the standard referral form, which gives you a referral link, lets you invite people by email, and makes it easy to share on Facebook or Twitter.


Dropbox free storage referral


My favorite approach to boosting my referral credits is a bit sneakier, albeit more contextual. Whenever I’m in a group that needs to share folders, I set up a shared folder for the group. The book club? Done. The non-profit board? Done. A place for my family to share files? Done. Not only is it really useful for the group to have a shared space, but I get referral credits for anyone not on Dropbox — and it helps them too!


Dropbox shared folder


One other cool thing: the bonuses are retroactive, so if you’ve already referred a bunch of people, you’ll soon see a doubling of your existing extra storage. For more information, here’s the announcement from Dropbox.