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Take These Steps to Achieve a Paperless Office

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Here at Fueled, we strive for a paperless office and have found that "going paperless" has increased our overall effectiveness. We use less paper, collaborate more, and get paid faster — all good things, right? Here are six steps we’ve taken to get here. 1. Share and annotate docs online The need to print documents and edit them with highlighters and red pens isn’t

List-A-Thon Winners!


The BestVendor List-A-Thon has come to a close! Here are our winners: 1) Kristi Hines is our grand prize winner. Her list, 50 Essential Tools I Use For Blogging and Freelance Writing, got over 50,000 views. She won a $1500 gift card! 2) James Cook was the runner up with his list titled The Farmer and The Student. As a farmer and a college student, he had an

If You Build It, They Won’t Come… Unless You Tell Them First


Want to know the worst feeling for an entrepreneur? It's that one single moment. Right when all the stars are aligned, your code is perfectly set, and you tell your team to "push it live." Well that's not entirely true. That part's exciting. And quickly jumping on your computer to see your site or feature live is awesome. What I'm talking about is the exact moment right

Why Building Business Relationships Matters – And 6 Tools to Help You


For entrepreneurs, connections matter. Good contacts can help you find the next great business opportunity, or the star programmer you’ve been looking for. They can help you score invites to social gatherings where you can meet your best clients. And, by deepening your connections with existing clients, they’ll be motivated to spread the word about your services and remain

Why Your Business Shouldn’t Neglect Newsletters


Newsletters are a pretty vital part of any organization's marketing strategy. Sure you can always rely on social media like Facebook and Twitter to get your message out, but there's really nothing quite like having your own customized eNewsletter to remind your users that you're still here. Many companies have their own internal departments to handle all aspects of emails

Need A Photo? Here Are The Best Ways to Find Free and Paid Images


From infographics to animated gifs, we live in an increasingly visual culture. Consider the popularity of Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. Also, consider that photos can improve your business life if you’re a writer or a designer, or if you produce content of any kind. Here’s why: Photos and other visual elements catch the reader's eye and increase

Week 1 of the List-A-Thon!


So we’re one week into the List-A-Thon and we’ve gotten some great lists! New to this whole List-A-Thon business? Let me give you the rundown: 1) Go to our list page and check out the List-A-Thon tab to see what other users are submitting. 2) Check out the list and contest guidelines here and then click the the “create a list” button to start writing your

The Best Ways to Manage Your Projects (and Your Team)


Over the years, I've worked at a number of different companies, and used a variety of online applications to keep tabs on various projects. When it comes to a startup,  everyone (the boss included) has to wear a few dozen hats, while simultaneously juggling 96 different projects. Hey, at least it keeps every day fresh! But working on so many different tasks at once can

BestVendor List-A-Thon!


We’re all a bit bummed that Summer is over so we wanted to kick off Fall with a bang. We’re so excited to announce the BestVendor List-A-Thon! Starting today, any new list posted on BestVendor is eligible to win some great prizes like an iPhone 5 (oo la la!), a $1500 Amazon giftcard and more! Head over to our List-A-Thon page for all the details. If you have any

How to Manage Employees Who Work Remotely


With the leaps and bounds made in mobile technology over the last decade, it’s becoming increasingly common for workers to perform their jobs from home, the local coffee shop, or even the beach. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly a quarter of employees did some or all of their work remotely last year. If you’re a manager or business owner, this workplace